Sacred Geometry


Talking Numbers Suite Gallery

The "Talking Numbers Suite" is comprised of ten mandalas, all meditations on the numbers one through ten.  This mixed media project (water color, pen and colored Inks, with touches of acrylic) began in 1981 and was completed in 1988.  It was inspired by my studies of both the history and philosophy of Mandala, and my studies of Numerology.  All ten Mandalas began with the division of the Circle into equal angular parts, ONE part (360 degrees), TWO parts (180 degrees), THREE parts (120 degrees), ETC. They turned out to be extremely profound meditations which radically elevated my consciousness and eventually lead me to the concepts and histories of Sacred Geometry.

New Mexico Mandala Gallery

In 1989, I retired from the world of Commercial Art/Photography and dedicated my future life to the creation of serious Full Time Fine Art.  And, during that time I both fell in love with and relocated to the great South West.  This gallery holds a small collection of mandalas I created during my time living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During my time there I was represented in four fine art galleries in three different cities and sold numerous paintings.  People were amazed at my success but I was not making enough money to survive.  I had learned what it was like to live the life of a starving fine artist.  I briefly relocated to Sarasota Florida, and then back to Cleveland, still totally dedicated to life as a fine artist.

Totem Animal Gallery

This Gallery holds an ongoing series of mandalas relating to the ancient tradition of totem animals.  While I was living and working in Santa Fe, I studied Native American art and philosophy, and was captured by their concepts of Totem Animals. My first Totem Animal Mandala is entitled "Turtle Dreaming." And I continue to create Totem Animal Mandalas as the individual inspirations surface.  I am currently doing research on several interesting animals, including "Owl," "Wolf," and "Bear."

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